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excuse me i need your leg


We have no idea what he’s doing…

drinking water but in a punk rock way




do action movies know they can have more than one female character

Someone should make an action movie with all girls except for one guy and have no explanation or mention of it in the movie and then pay all of the actors to act surprised like they’d never noticed when they get the inevitable storm of questions. 

This one male must have a shower scene, be saved by the protagonist at least once, and fall in love with a lead female.

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When you look at a photo like this, what are you seeing? Is the cloud made up of millions of stars and planets? I have no idea of the scale really and I’ve always wondered

The Cat’s Paw Nebula , ESO, 2010

Milky Way on Fraser Island
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When I was a kid I thought your 20s were supposed to be fun, not filled with perpetual anxiety about financial stability and constantly feeling like an unaccomplished piece of shit. 

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Bat-Eared Fox (Otocyon Megalotis)


we’re living in an era where capturing moments on our phones is more important than building giant robots to protect us from the giant alien lizard monsters emerging from the depths of the pacific ocean

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